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At the most western point of Sicily (and only one hour drive from Palermo) lies the city of Trapani. With the close proximity of the African continent ferries embark for Tunisia as well has the many beautiful islands just off shore. The province is famous for its wine, the ice cream is fantastic and tomatoes taste like tomatoes used to!

As a tourist region the province of Trapani has much to offer the visitor: sun, crystal clear seas, remote islands and bustling towns with busy streets and markets. Cultural monuments are everywhere: the ancient cities of Selinunte, Mozia and Segesta; prehistoric caveman paintings at Levanzo; the mediaeval Erice as well as a countless number of beautiful chapels and churches.

We are letting our summer cottage in the Sicilian countryside and two holiday flats in the old town of Trapani:

Summer Cottage "casa locogrande":
Spacious, freestanding country house amidst a huge garden. Located between Trapani and Marsala.

Holiday Flat "casa orfane":
Two flats in the centro storico of Trapani. Simple and inexpensive.